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Welcome To The Red Eye Syndicate

The Red Eye Syndicate is now open for business.

We are not just another fighter or trade squadron.  We are Star Citizens first (and only) “grey” guild, focused on generating credits for our members.

Why limit yourself to a small part of the opportunities in the galaxy? Why be just a fighter, a miner, a trader, a mercenary, or a pirate? We aren’t here to just be a small slice of the greater picture, we are here to help create that picture.  Gambling, bounty services, races, “previously owned” ship dealing, ship sanitizing are just a few of the opportunities the Syndicate will put together for you.

Recruiting is now open for applications. If you are interested please read our “About Us” and “Charter” pages before applying.

Listen to our interview on Blue Horizon Radio.

We are the family, we are the power, we are the Red Eye Syndicate.


AC 1.0 Released!

As I am sure many of you know, Arena Commander 1.0 was released just after the CIG live stream on Friday. In watching the videos of other Star Citizens on their 1.0 experiences, it looks like some incredible steps have been made. However before we delve in all the 1.0 information, let’s take a look at the live stream highlights.

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Holiday Patch

Its that time of year again and CIG has released patch version This patch has provided all Star Citizens with their own little holiday flair in the form of a wreath and it has also added the Gladiator to the hangar. As stated in the forums, this is a very unique instance of a patch being released ahead of schedule. Read more »


Thursday: The Caterpillar and Javelin

On Thursday, articles on both the Caterpillar and the Javelin were released. Tears of joy were shed by prospective Javelin owners and tears of anger by many Caterpillar owners.

The Caterpillar has been under wraps for a while and many “Cat” owners expected the news on Thursday to be somewhat eye opening. However, CIG stated that the Cat is still in concept phase and is expected to be hangar ready by or after Arena Commander 2.0. Read more »


Wednesday: The Khartu-Al and Chairman Letter

Wednesday’s ship update was the Xi’an Khartu-al, the alien scout fighter. We can see that the ship is unique from others not only in its design, but also in its function. So far we know that it doesn’t have the heavy guns that are featured on almost every other ship, but it makes up for this with its speed and maneuverability. Read more »


Tuesday: The Gladiator

In the second unveiling of the week is the Anvil Gladiator, a two person assault craft with a heavy armament. The exact details of its weaponry are still under wraps, but we know that the Gladiator is a carrier-based bomber that is capable of launching offensive strikes on enemy carriers and other capital ships. The manned rear turret looks like it will enable the ship to be particularly effective in strategic bombing raids, providing defensive fire while allowing the payload to be delivered.

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Monday: The Retaliator

Over the course of this week CIG is releasing new information and updates about the anniversary sale ships. Monday’s featured ship is the Retaliator. The Aegis Retaliator is likened to the B-17 Flying Fortress, and for good reason. In comparison to the Constellation, the Retaliator (as of now) stands about 10-15m longer, has 3-4 more crew positions, and has 8x TR4/ 2x TR5 versus 4x TR5. Although it is slightly less maneuverable with only 8x TR2 thrusters rather than 8x TR3s, it packs a much greater punch. Read more »


The Sale Begins!

This past Friday, the Star Citizen Anniversary Sale launched at 1 pm PST. After the first day we passed the $62 million mark unlocking the Genesis-class Starliner, and as of now we are over 65% of the way to the $63 million mark, however we have yet to hear what the next goal is. Immediately below is a list of ships and add-ons currently for sale, and following this is the really interesting news, the Javelin and the Carrack.  Read more »


What will you be getting?

Two years ago marks the successful Kickstarter campaign for Star Citizen and the 2nd anniversary sale begins on Friday. What will you all be getting? Some speculations into what will be up for sale are… Read more »


PAX and More

I’m sure that most of you have been keeping up with Star Citizen news, but just in case you haven’t, it has been a big weekend in the ‘Verse. On Friday, the Drake Herald was put on sale and if you have the time, check out the comm-link here. It is a pretty cool page (desktop recommended). The ship is described as… Read more »


Friday, October 10th.

Wow, talk about a crazy day for Star Citizen and the Star Citizen community. The 890 Jump and Cutlass variants went on sale, raising nearly 1 million dollars in 12 hours, a truly incredible feat. However, this is just the icing on the cake. Read more »

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