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AC 1.0 Released!


As I am sure many of you know, Arena Commander 1.0 was released just after the CIG live stream on Friday. In watching the videos of other Star Citizens on their 1.0 experiences, it looks like some incredible steps have been made. However before we delve in all the 1.0 information, let’s take a look at the live stream highlights.



We saw the release of new Idris concept art, which gave a better idea of the interior structure of the ship along with the some insight into how the carrier aspect of the ship functions.



The all new “Pegasus Escort Carrier” was also unveiled. It is reported the Pegasus will be replacing the Panther and it will be able to carry a strike force of nearly thirty ships. At 3/4 of a kilometer long this carrier, while “small”, will be able an asset to any large-scale offense or defense. Below are some images of the Pegasus.



In addition to the Idris art and the Pegasus unveiling, there were also a few ship releases. In honor of the live stream and an incentive to potential backers, 5,000 $20 Auroras went on sale and there were also 4 waves of 50 Idris ships. A great addition to the collection those who can afford it. The Mustang and its variants were also displayed in the new Mustang/ Consolidated Outland commercial that featured a somewhat Elon Musk/ Steve Jobs styled host. The starter Mustang is the Alpha, but there is a solid selection of variants.

  • Beta (Light Exploration/ Camper version)
  • Gamma (Racer)
  • Delta (Fighter) Part of a “limited” sale ending on the 29th

A growing complaint in recent days was about the outdated Kickstarter trailer for Star Citizen. Many people believed that it no longer captured the essence of the game and displayed something old that new backers might not be interested in. Well, apparently CIG shared those feelings and they released the “Imagine” trailer, the new official Star Citizen trailer modeled after a reddit user’s video.


Now comes the really interesting news, Arena Commander 1.0.

Many backers and CIG critics thought that 1.0 would be released in 2015 and there was little chance to no chance that it would come out on Christmas. However, these people have been proven very wrong. On Friday AC 1.0 was released and while it isn’t as polished as other updates, it makes up for that in new features. A brief overview of the new features is below.

  • All Aurora variants flyable
  • All Mustang variants flyable
  • All Hornet variants flyable
  • Base Cutlass and Avenger flyable
  • New ship signature, thruster power, and lateral g-force systems
  • New animations, textures, and cameras
  • New guns, missile racks, and missile types
  • Updated HUDs

The pilot’s manual pdf can be downloaded here, but keep in mind that it is just under 27 mb. Below is a list of the Aurora/ Mustang upgrade paths.


So far the main criticisms of 1.0 have just been accessing it, a slow Mustang, and an underpowered Cutlass/ Avenger. However, even with these issues the majority of players say that the update is incredible and they are excited for what will come in 2015.


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