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Monday: The Retaliator


Over the course of this week CIG is releasing new information and updates about the anniversary sale ships. Monday’s featured ship is the Retaliator. The Aegis Retaliator is likened to the B-17 Flying Fortress, and for good reason. In comparison to the Constellation, the Retaliator (as of now) stands about 10-15m longer, has 3-4 more crew positions, and has 8x TR4/ 2x TR5 versus 4x TR5. Although it is slightly less maneuverable with only 8x TR2 thrusters rather than 8x TR3s, it packs a much greater punch. In addition to its bomb load, the Retaliator has 10x Class 3 and 5x Class 5 hardpoints, meaning it can deliver a massive payload in any military operation. Even with missile racks, any variant of the Constellation is put to shame by the weaponry on the Retaliator.

Some notes in the RSI transmission lay some rumors about the Retaliator to bed. It will  come with defensive turrets and a bomb bay (bombs not included), but will be modular. If you want a cargo space or living area instead of bombs, you can have them. Also, as of now there are no civilian/ military versions. The long-range strategic bomber you buy is the long range strategic bomber you get. You can find the description and specs of the Retaliator below (Courtesy of RSI).


“The Retaliator is the United Earth Empire’s premiere, if aging, jump-capable heavy bomber. Massive formations of these spacecraft running long-range strike missions is not an uncommon site around the fringes of the empire. With a distinctive elongated silhouette that is dotted with turrets and carrying a massive bomb load, the Retaliator is an effective symbol of Imperial might. As such, they are the frequent centerpiece of Space Force recruiting posters. Retaliators are ground-based, with all but the largest carriers unable to operate them effectively. Heavily modified Retaliators are becoming commonplace on the civilian market as the design ages and earlier production runs are sold off en-mass. Outfitted to carry cargo instead of antimatter bombs and with the waste turret positions typically swapped for makeshift living quarters, they make a good medium freighter or a basic explorer. Some have even been converted into long-hop passenger spacecraft!”



  • Measurement
    • Length
      • 70.00 m
    • Beam
      • 25.00 m
    • Height
      • 12.00 m
    • Null-cargo mass
      • 65,100.00 Kg
  • Structural
    • Cargo capacity (freight units)
      • 720 freight units
    • Max crew
      • 8 persons
    • Max power plant size
      • 6
    • Factory power plant
      • D-Tech g33 (5)
    • Max engine (primary thruster)
      • 2x TR5
      • 8x TR4
    • Factory engine
      • 10x Coming Soon
    • Maneuvering thrusters
      • 8x TR2
    • Factory maneuvering thrusters
      • 8x Winnowing E2
    • Max shield
      • 6
    • Shield
      • Dual Guardian
  • Propulsion
    • Main
      • 10x Coming Soon
    • Maneuvering
      • 8x Winnowing E2
  • Hardpoints
    • Class-3
      • 6x S3
      • 4x S4
    • Class-5
      • 3x S4
      • 2x S5
  • Additional
    • Other
      • FrigDrop R


You can buy the Retaliator here.

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