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The Sale Begins!


This past Friday, the Star Citizen Anniversary Sale launched at 1 pm PST. After the first day we passed the $62 million mark unlocking the Genesis-class Starliner, and as of now we are over 65% of the way to the $63 million mark, however we have yet to hear what the next goal is. Immediately below is a list of ships and add-ons currently for sale, and following this is the really interesting news, the Javelin and the Carrack. 


Hanger ready/ AC ready with 2 year insurance (Ship Only/ Package)

  • RSI Aurora LX
    • $30/ $45
  • Origin 350r
    • $125/ $140
  • Origin M50 Interceptor
    • $100/ $115
  • Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet
    • $165/ $180
  • MISC Freelancer MIS
    • $165/ $180
  • Drake Cutlass Blue
    • $150/ $165

Concept Ready with 2 year insurance (Ship Only)

  • Anvil Gladiator
    • $165
  • Aegis Retaliator
    • $275
  • Xi’an Khartu-Al
    • $150
  • Drake Caterpillar
    • $245
  • Banu Merchantman
    • $250
  • Starfarer
    • $195

“Flair” Items/ Accessories

  • Model II Arclight Sidearm
    • $5
  • Origin Racing Suit
    • $10
  • UEE Environment Coat
    • $5
  • Advocacy Tools
    • $5

*(Make note that upgrades for the hangar ready/ AC ready ships are available and will include 2 year insurance. Also, don’t forget that the sales for all of these items will end on December 1st.) 


We were previously told that the largest ship available for pledge purchase was the Idris, but not anymore. Available during four periods on November 28th, 6 AM, 12 PM, 6 PM, and 12 AM (All PST) will be the Javelin destroyer, manufactured by Aegis Dynamics. Only 200 will be sold in total (50 each period) and they will cost $2,500 a piece. It must also be noted that they will not have the military weapons included in the UEE navy version, instead you or your organization will have to find the guns to outfit it. Accompanying the Javelin is the sale of 5,000 $20 Aurora MR game packages, allowing those newly introduced to Star Citizen to become backers and play the game at minimal expense.

Also taking place on Friday the 28th will be the concept sale of the Anvil Carrack explorer. Priced at $345, the Carrack will feature four deck levels, be approximately 110m in length (as of now), will contain a small “buggy”, and will supposedly be able to harbor a small ship for eva. If you can find five friends or NPCs to accompany you, the Carrack is hailed as the master of exploration.

Carrack Front

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