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Thursday: The Caterpillar and Javelin


On Thursday, articles on both the Caterpillar and the Javelin were released. Tears of joy were shed by prospective Javelin owners and tears of anger by many Caterpillar owners.

The Caterpillar has been under wraps for a while and many “Cat” owners expected the news on Thursday to be somewhat eye opening. However, CIG stated that the Cat is still in concept phase and is expected to be hangar ready by or after Arena Commander 2.0. CIG also only released three new images of the Caterpillar and effectively stated that since the Cat is not a part of Squadron 42, it is not a high priority. This is understandable, but many Cat owners wanted there to be a soiree of new information and this expectation was not met. The description of the Caterpillar and its new images are below.

“Drake maintains that the Caterpillar, a sprawling, modular spacecraft which appears at least somewhat like its namesake, is for legitimate commerce and extended search and rescue missions… but at the end of the day, the Caterpillar is truly the evil twin of the Freelancer. Designed for supporting pirate operations, the Caterpillar features a large cargo hold for carrying loot, heavier armor than other freighters in its class and room for five crew able to serve in boarding operations. Despite its heavier armor, the Caterpillar isn’t a bulldog… a successful operation will require a fighter escort.”





Even though we have already heard quite a bit about the Javelin, its full specs and information, along with several new images, were released prior to its sale on Friday. According to the transmission, the Javelin will feature five decks, be very modular, allow for (and require) a large crew, have many functions aside from combat, and be able to hold an Aegis Redeemer. It must also be noted that this ship will cost $2,500. Here is an abbreviated breakdown of the decks.

The Bridge-

-The Bridge is the control center of the ship and will allow the captain to have full command and oversight over the ship and the battlefield. It is said to be heavily armored and features escape pods, “should the worst happen.” You can imagine what that might mean.


The Top Deck-

-The Top Deck of the Javelin is the location of the officers’ quarters and several modular rooms for civilian activities like “science and cartography”. Another interesting feature of this deck is the existence of a hangar for very small craft or cargo space. This will allow for easier transport to and from the ship.


The Mid Deck-

-The Mid Deck is where the “magic” happens. It features six turret emplacements and has two torpedo rooms with two torpedo bays per room, allowing the simultaneous launch of four torpedoes. The Mid Deck also contains the “life force” of the ship, i.e. the engine room, comm room, crew quarters, med bay, brig, and mess hall. This means it will be the most highly congested area of the Javelin.


The Bottom Deck-

-Even though the Mid Deck has turret emplacements and torpedo rooms, the Bottom Deck has six cargo rooms, engineering rooms, access to two STS turrets, and a hanger meant to fit an Aegis Redeemer. This is nothing to scoff at. While the Mid Deck might be the “life force”, the Bottom Deck is the legs. Without those you can’t walk and you’re just a torso with some flailing arms and a head.


The Sub Deck-

-The Sub Deck features some weaponry with 6 ATA turrets and also has several modular rooms that can be dedicated to cargo, medical, science, comms, etc. This area is where EVA access is located and where “junior organization members” will supposedly spend most of their time.


*Other than the Redeemer, the hangar can fit 1 Hornet, 1 Gladiator, 1 Gladius, 1 Avenger, 1 300 Series, 2 M50, 2 Aurora, 1 Cutlass, 1 Mustang, or 4 Merlin. Also, the total cargo space of the Javelin is 5400 standard cargo units.

You can check out the full specs and purchase the Javelin here.

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