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Tuesday: The Gladiator


In the second unveiling of the week is the Anvil Gladiator, a two person assault craft with a heavy armament. The exact details of its weaponry are still under wraps, but we know that the Gladiator is a carrier-based bomber that is capable of launching offensive strikes on enemy carriers and other capital ships. The manned rear turret looks like it will enable the ship to be particularly effective in strategic bombing raids, providing defensive fire while allowing the payload to be delivered.

The inspiration from the ship is said to have come from the SBD Dauntless, a American WWII dive bomber that featured both a pilot and a rear gunner, allowing it to launch bombing runs on enemy ships and emplacements. It has also been said that the Gladiator will be able to have multiple roles within the UEE navy. Not only can it act as an individual bomber or in coordination with a Gladiator bombing wing, it will also be able able to carry a torpedo, making it even more deadly and effective against enemy ships.


However one must keep in mind that although the Gladiator has many positive sides, it also has a few drawbacks. The overall weight and thrust power of the ship means that it will be quite slow, making it vulnerable to enemy fighters especially when on its own. Also, those interested in a multi-role ship should keep on looking. Even though it says that it can be modified for salvaging and light transport, it has only one true purpose: bombing.

If you would like to purchase a Gladiator, you can find it here.

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