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Welcome To The Red Eye Syndicate


The Red Eye Syndicate is now open for business.

We are not just another fighter or trade squadron.  We are Star Citizens first (and only) “grey” guild, focused on generating credits for our members.

Why limit yourself to a small part of the opportunities in the galaxy? Why be just a fighter, a miner, a trader, a mercenary, or a pirate? We aren’t here to just be a small slice of the greater picture, we are here to help create that picture.  Gambling, bounty services, races, “previously owned” ship dealing, ship sanitizing are just a few of the opportunities the Syndicate will put together for you.

Recruiting is now open for applications. If you are interested please read our “About Us” and “Charter” pages before applying.

Listen to our interview on Blue Horizon Radio.

We are the family, we are the power, we are the Red Eye Syndicate.

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